Atelier Versace fragrances
Image courtesy of Versace

Fragrance, much like fashion, is deeply personal. Capable of setting the mood, evoking memories, and telling a story of its own, the fragrance we choose to wear each day makes a statement. And when making a statement, who better to trust with the task than Atelier Versace?

In 1989, Atelier Versace was conceived as an “experimental laboratory”. Following the same sartorial traditions of Versace, passed down by Gianni and Donatella’s dressmaker mother Francesca, Atelier became a place of innovation, of quality craftsmanship, and of visionary design. Now, Atelier Versace has reached another milestone, launching a luxury collection of 12 perfumes with the help of internationally renowned noses.

Each fragrance is housed in hand-made packaging and inside an artfully twisted bottle, both marked with the care and beauty Versace has long been known for. The entire collection, ranging from fresh, to floral, to deep and woody, evokes the sartorial savoir-faire of the Atelier and has a different story to tell. When selecting which of the 12 fragrances to wear at a certain moment in time, you must ask yourself: Who do you want to be today?

C‚drat de Diamante
Cédrat de Diamante / Image courtesy of Versace

An afternoon walk through an Italian lemon orchard, the fizz of an effervescent grapefruit soda, a piece of smooth driftwood washed up on a Mediterranean beach. Cédrat de Diamante combines the zest of lemon and bright citrus with cedarwood and earthy vetiver.
Who does this suit? Created by perfumer Marie Salamagne, this scent is for the traveller looking to press their feet into warm sand, enjoying a moment alone before aperitivo hour begins.

Éclat de Rose
Éclat de Rose / Image courtesy of Versace

Envisaged by Nathalie Lorson, one of the first women in the perfumery field, this delicate and feminine scent features the petals of the Moroccan rose centifolia, hand-picked in the early hours of the morning.
Who does this suit? Reminiscent of a spring morning, which began with a meditative walk through a rose garden, Éclat de Rose is for anyone looking to hold onto the tiny moments of joy they can find throughout each day.

Jasmin au Soleil
Jasmin au Soleil / Image courtesy of Versace

Jasmine flowers picked in India at sunrise, sticky balsamic and sweet honey, with a wash of hay and tobacco, the second of Lorson’s scents in this collection evokes a weekend farmstay, flowers, baking, and fresh air.
Who does this suit? With lemon and cedarwood, Jasmin au Soleil is for anybody who wants to go back to basics, just for a moment, and do so in style.

Figue Blanche
Figue Blanche / Courtesy of Versace

Summer is for making memories. But when the season has faded, or is yet to begin, it’s scents like fresh fig, the tang of Italian mandarin, zesty bergamot, clean neroli, rose, and jasmine, that will take you back to afternoons spent by the ocean.
Who does this suit? Figue Blanche, created by Marypierre Julien, is for the soul who comes to life in the summertime.

Santal Boisé
Santal Boisé / Image courtesy of Versace

What do you think of when you hear the word family? Perhaps the comfort of smoke, or delicate cypriol, come to mind? Perhaps it’s the sandalwood your mother used to burn or the balmy balsamic fragrance of wood.
Who does this suit? Christophe Raynaud created Santal Boisé with family in mind, and as such formulated a fragrance for those looking inward to the heart, who want to feel close to their loved ones, no matter where in the world they are.

Vanille Rouge
Vanille Rouge / Image courtesy of Versace

Vanilla means something different to everyone. To some, it’s a grandmother’s freshly baked cake. To others, it’s the sweetness of first love.
Who does this suit? With a hint of pralines, powdery musk, and an unexpected rose note, Jordi Fernandez’s Vanille Rouge is for the escapist looking to be transported, whether it be to the vanilla fields of Madagascar, or to the Middle East, where the traditional scents are just as intricate as they are inside this bottle.

Encens Suprême
Encens Suprême / Courtesy of Versace

The smoky scent of incense evokes a spiritual experience. Blending the character of African incense with the depth of its Spanish counterpart, wearing Encens Suprême is a mystical journey in itself.
Who does this suit? With cashmere wood and notes of coriander, this fragrance is for those looking to find the magic both within themselves and the world around them.

Iris d’Élite
Iris d’Élite / Courtesy of Versace

Forget what you know about florals. With dry woody notes, a touch of spice, and a powdery base, Iris d’Élite is a new take on Italy’s most noble flower: the iris.
Who does this suit? Blending the iris’ buttery, sensual fragrance with musky amber and nutty tonka beans, this fragrance is for the Versace lover who is complex, surprising, and at one with the earth.

Safran Royal
Safran Royal / Courtesy of Versace

In the fragrance world, saffron is pure luxury. The most expensive spice in the world, saffron exudes feelings of rarity. With a rich scent of leather and bittersweet Moroccan wormwood, Safran Royal takes the unique beauty of the saffron spice to a new level with Indian cypriol, Indonesian patchouli, and Spanish cistus.
Who does this suit? A fragrance of the world, this scent is to be worn by only the wildest of explorers.

Gingembre Pétillant
Gingembre Pétillant / Courtesy of Versace

With red ginger, warm vanilla, and blooming white florals, Gingembre Pétillant does not hold back.
Who does this suit? Drawing inspiration from the Middle East, perfumier Jordi Fernandez created this fragrance to make a statement and, as such, it perfectly suits somebody who does nothing by halves, leaving a trail of awe everywhere they go.

Tabac Imperial
Tabac Imperial / Courtesy of Versace

Depth, richness, and elegance. Perfumer Marie Salamagne looked to the finer things in this world when creating Tabac Imperial.
Who does this suit? Aromatic tobacco, golden honey, and the smooth amber tones of benzoin blend together with patchouli and cypriol to make this fragrance for someone looking to enrich everything they touch, from the clothes they wear, desserts they indulge in, and the impression they leave on the world.

Fleur de Maté
Fleur de Maté / Courtesy of Versace

There is a magic, magnetic energy at the heart of the woods. A celebration of nature, Olivier Cresp’s Fleur de Maté looks to cedarwood, patchouli, smoke, and leather to create a fragrance that reconnects us all with Mother Nature.
Who does this suit? Precious notes of incense and delicate touches of cistus create an out-of-body experience for those ready to reconnect with the earth.

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