Sneak a peek behind the shades and you’ll find the most subtle flick of coloured eyeliner on the lids of the Camp Cove Swim girls, courtesy of Napoleon Perdis. While skin was left raw and natural, allowing freckles and beauty marks to shine through, the winged liner of lavender, mint and poppy-red took the trophy as the MVP for the Swim show.

Sticking to the reality of beauty at the beach, skin was ultra-hydrated and foundation-free with only a touch of highlighting where the sun would naturally hit. Lips remained glossed, but neutral, with each skin tone being matched to a shade that would look most natural. The unexpected yet fun and playful touch of liner was perfectly placed to tie into the look, being partnered with a groovy pair of shades that matched the garments accordingly.

Sorbet-like pairings for the win.

Get The Look

1. Cleanse with Hydrating Milk Cleanser and Moisture Mist; remove with a wipe/cotton pad and water or Moisture Mist.
2. Nourish the skin; apply Multi-Hydration Gel Cream all over the face.
3. Apply a rich amount of Tone Inject Eye Serum to the tops of the cheek bones.
4. Nourish the lips with Auto Pilot Lip Service.
5. Apply Auto Pilot Radiance-Boosting Primer to the highpoints of the face; top of the cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose, and above the arch of the brow.

1. Only apply coverage where needed; freckles and natural beauty marks shouldn’t be covered.
2. Set and mattify lightly in the hotspots with Camera Finish Close-Up Complexion Perfecting Powder; apply to the sides of the nose, between the brows and in the centre of the chin

1. Create a radiant gloss by mixing Auto Pilot Lip Service with Light Switch Luminizer Palette (a shade to match the complexion) and apply to the top of the cheekbones:
– Fair/Light Skin: Light Switch Luminizer Pink Ice
– Light Skin: Light Switch Luminizer Pink Ice or Gold
– Tan Skin: Light Switch Luminizer Gold
– Deep Skin: Light Switch Luminizer Bronze

1. Apply a gloss to suit the complexion, creating a warm, peachy finish;
– Fair Skin: Luminous Lip Veil Pretty In Peach
– Light Skin: Luminous Lip Veil Pretty In Peach
– Tan Skin: Luminous Lip Veil Pretty In Peach or Caramel Kiss
– Deep Skin: Luminous Lip Veil Caramel Kiss or Cocoa

Eyes and Brows:
1. Comb the brows upwards and define with Wand-er Brow.
2. Curl the lashes and apply a rich coat of Knockout Lash Magnif-Eyes Mascara – allow to dry and continue to build layers on the top lashes for a rich, dense application.
3. Apply a small wing to the outer corner of the eye, pair with your favourite shades.