SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Tonight, Delta Goodrem will drop her new single, “Solid Gold”, a follow-up to “Keep Climbing” and “Paralyzed” and the third offering from her highly anticipated upcoming album. In a 70s-inspired plunging black jumpsuit with apt intricate gold detailing by Australian designer CAMILLA, Goodrem steps onto our set and talks about the track’s Fleetwood Mac vibes.

“Every instrument was recorded live and we really wanted to capture that upbeat, fun, retro sound, but with a modern feel,” Goodrem says, as warm and as lovely as ever. “I want people to feel good, dance and sing along when they listen to it. It’s an empowering song about reminding someone of your worth and strength; a song you sing along to with your mates and jam out to in the car with all the windows down.”


With that, she’s moving about on set capturing the jumpsuit’s billowy sleeves and tapered leg; a snapshot of the myriad of muses CAMILLA had in mind when designing this collection.

Delta Goodrem
Credit: Myles Pritchard and Ashleigh Larden

“Inspired by a cohort of strong women who lived big, creative lives and followed their own rules, CAMILLA’s I AM collection is the embodiment of freedom, art and empowerment,” explains stylist Fleur Egan. “When paired with Delta’s spirit, the outfits become a celebration.”

This year has been a difficult one for a lot of people and Goodrem – who on set is both interesting and interested in those around her – understands her music is reaching people at a unique time in their lives.

“I believe that music is healing and what better time to release new music than right now when everyone is going through so much change and uncertainty,” she says. “2020 has definitely made us change up our plans and the way we would normally release music, but it has also allowed us to find new ways to connect and engage with people from all around the world.”


Switching between CAMILLA’s shaggy faux shearling vest and blue patterned flares – items that were surely in the suitcases of Stevie Nicks and Talitha Getty as they travelled across America in the 70s – Goodrem is in her element. As she can’t tour herself at the moment, she speaks about her desire to continually inspire people in lockdown.

Credit: Ashleigh Larden

“I started doing my weekly Bunkerdown Sessions live on my Instagram and Facebook as a way for me to stay connected with everyone from around the world and to provide something to look forward to each week through the healing power of music,” Goodrem explains. “It’s a chance to premiere new material, share announcements, and connect with other artists, friends and those watching via the live chat.”

“While performing in isolation is a new thing, there is also an incredible unity in being able to see people and have one-on-one interactions with them despite not being able to be in the same room or country,” she adds.

In our latest instalment of #InHouseWithGRAZIA – a series where we explore how to style luxury fashion pieces from home – photographer Myles Pritchard and videographer Ashleigh Larden capture Goodrem and CAMILLA at play.

Yes, the world may be at a standstill but these two Australian icons are brimming with energy and both releasing projects with fashionable rockstars their muses.

“This look is all about texture: the linen short, the silk blouse and the faux shearling work heavenly together,” says Egan.

Shirred cuff blouse, CAMILLA,  shop now. Tie Detail high cut shorts, CAMILLA, shop now. Gilet, CAMILLA, SHOP NOW. Boots, pelle shoes. Necklace, Pierre winter fine jewels

“Patterned with glittery gold, this disco-inspired jumpsuit is perfect for a night out with the girls, or even dancing round your living room for a pick-me-up,” says Egan. “I’ve finished it with a black pump to elongate the leg.”

Jersey twist front jumpsuit, CAMILLA, shop now. heel with anklet, CAMILLA, shop now. ring and belt, Pelle Shoes

“The brown suede boots add a cowboy vibe to this look,” says Egan. “I’ve kept the layers relaxed and languid: I love how they drape down the body. There really is a piece of CAMILLA for everyone, like this season’s trench coats mused by rock n’ roll royalty. Identify which shapes are right for you, then your choices of print and colour become limitless.”

Flares with lace-up side, CAMILLA, shop now. Top and trench, CAMILLA, SHOP NOW. Boots and necklace, Pelle Shoes

“This collection has a really modern take on the cuts,” says Egan. “I love the structured smoker’s jacket paired with a cheeky short and ruffled sleeve. And to finish: show-stopping slouchy red boots.”

high waisted flare short, CAMILLA, shop now. elastic sleeve tie front blouse, CAMILLA, shop now. Blazer, CAMILLA, SHOP NOW. Boots, Steve Madden. Boot brooches, Tessarella House. Earrings, The Family Jewels. Ring, Swarovski 


Photographer: Myles Pritchard
Videographer: Ashleigh Larden
Creative Director: Kim Payne
Stylist: Fleur Egan
Hair & Makeup: Michael Brennan
Video Editor: Kimberlee Kessler