Ashley Judd was the first actress to publicly make allegations about Harvey Weinstein, leading to many more women speaking out and paving the way for the #MeToo and Time’s Up movement.

In a new interview, the Double Jeopardy actress has discussed the difficult task of forgiving Weinstein.

Judd was interviewed in Town & Country magazine by fellow actress and Weinstein target Salma Hayek, who asked if “such terrible behavior ever warrants forgiveness.”

Judd’s response was that she has indeed forgiven Weinstein.

“Well, forgiveness is no favour,” Judd said.

“I do it for myself, and so I’ve already forgiven—it’s the easier way to live. I have to forgive myself for being young and vulnerable, for being in the room.

“But forgiveness, first of all, implies that I’ve judged someone, and that’s not a really healthy and appropriate place for me to be,” she explained.

“I can certainly evaluate, but I guess the distinction I’m making is that condemnation is really not an energy that I want to keep inside of myself. Forgiveness just cuts those things—I can prosecute and forgive at the same time.”

Hayek agreed, saying it’s not useful to dwell on anger, hate and blame.

“This is our time to represent womanhood in a way it’s never been represented before,” Hayek said. “So let’s not use all of this as a tool for revenge, for hate, or for attention to ourselves.”

Judd, who Weinstein ensured was essentially blacklisted in Hollywood after she refused to comply with his demands, has also revealed she’s recently been offered new projects after being out of work for years.

“I’m going to be doing a show on Broadway this fall. I was offered a romantic comedy.

“That is the greatest amends that Hollywood can make to me for having maliciously blacklisted me for something that was patently false and promulgated by a sexual predator and alleged rapist.”