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When you can count your number one fans as Kourtney Kardashian, Rihanna, Chrissy Teigen and Rita Ora, you know that whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it right. And this from an Australian company that only launched 18 months ago.

After starting up a side project to source premium quality natural-looking false eyelashes from her home in Sydney, Artémes Lashes founder Jackie Lee suddenly found herself in ownership of a product celebrities just couldn’t wait to get their hands on. Going gang busters on the international scene, the lashes have also found a home on local A-lister eyes – with celebs including Lara Worthington, Miranda Kerr, Elle Macpherson to Delta Goodrem all turning to Artémes as their lash line of choice. 

Hand-crafted from the finest-sourced mink hairs collected from free-range mink zoos during natural molting and shedding cycles, the Artémes Signature Mink range have a look that covers everything from the natural to the dramatic. There is also no need to be concerned about the safety of the minks as the brand assures us there is no unnatural handling, harming or treatment of the animals in the lash production process.

Credit Instagram: @artemeslashes

While it’s hard to play favourites when it’s your own brand, Lee talks through her top five products and explains just why these are worth adding to the cart…
1. Love Shady: “The most popular of all the lashes and a great overall everyday lash that can be dressed up or down for a glamorous, voluminous look.”
2. Mistaken Identity: “Thicker at the roots, this lash is longer towards the ends for a sexy, elongated eye with a defined eyeline.”
3. Intricate Lies: “The most natural lash and a favourite among celebrities on the red carpet because of the invisible band that blends into your eyeline.”
4. The Charmer: “A thick double layered glamorous lash worn by a lot of celebs on stage or on the red carpet, gives incredible definition that still looks soft.”
5. Sweet Jungle: “A 3D layered lash that gives you a natural but fluttery look but still makes your eyes pop.”

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