Credit: E. Michael Wolf

What is red?
The colour of passion, of fire, of love. It’s the Italian blood that pumps with gusto and spirit. It’s the sauce in your pasta, the wine in your glass, the Vespa you ride down the craggy Amalfi coast on. It’s the sun, hot and sparkling. It’s the fire you breathe – don’t cool down just yet, this is the good burn. It’s the feeling, the passion, the attitude of love. The heart, in all its resplendent glory.
It’s a kiss.
It’s 400.
Mamma mia.
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Credit: E. Michael Wolf

Art Direction: Patti Andrews
Creative Direction: Patti Andrews and Chrisanthi Kaliviotis
Photography and Motion: E. Michael Wolf
Makeup: Elsa Morgan
Hair: Anthony Nader
Talent: Madison Sells
Talent: Monika Clarke