The Snap, Pickle and Pop – a green gin and juice version of a Bloody Mary devised between friends Harriet Leigh and Alex Elliot-Howery

When Harriet Leigh and Alex Elliot-Howry met on the set of an awkward photoshoot, “it was love at first grimace.” The Archie Rose Head of Hospitality and co-founder of the burgeoning Cornersmith pickling empire have since struck up a friendship founded in a mutual love of pickles and the fermentation practices that are a cornerstone tenet of their respective businesses.

Since then, the women have collaborated on ventures that have seen them extend their efforts in both directions, including repurposing 70 kilograms of Archie Rose’s post-distillation fruit for use in a Cornersmith orange syrup cake. The gesture is emblematic of a shared commitment to both collaborate with other small makers within the community while reducing as much waste as possible.

The latest iteration of a fruitful friendship now sees the two join forces on a specially curated Pickler of The Month menu at the Archie Rose Distillery and Bar in Rosebery for the remainder of the month of March. The partnership is a natural one, says Elliot-Howry, who now serves the former’s gin as part of the recently initiated bar offer at Cornersmith Marrickville, which highlights an impressive array of “house made pickles, brines, syrups, sodas and tonics,” as well as the wares of other Australian distilleries, winemakers and brewers complimented by a considered selection of share plates.

One such addition to the residency menu at the distillery is the ‘Snap, Pickle and Pop’, a gin-and-juice style cocktail made with the distillery’s Signature Dry Gin, lime juice, green tomato pickle juice, celery juice, apple juice, green tabasco, snap peas, salt and pepper, and garnished with fresh herbs and beetroot. “The gin version of a Bloody Mary is called a Red Snapper,” says Leigh. “The ‘Snap, Pickle and Pop’ had a working title of ‘Green Snapper’, but we can’t ever miss a good pun.

“It’s bold with a touch of smug,” she continues. “There is definite funk from the pickle, but it’s so jammed packed full of nutrients from all the green juices and snap peas. You can literally use whatever you have lying around – apples, celery, fennel, some capsicum. Go crazy, go green. Add a little spice if you like a little heat in your life.”

45ml Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin
10ml lime juice
20ml green tomato pickle juice
30ml celery juice
60ml apple juice
A Couple of dashes green tabasco
4 snap peas
Salt and pepper

“This drink is really hard to make badly,” says Leigh. “You need a juicer at home, taste the balance as you add the spice but make it your own. Along with mastering taxes as you grown into adulthood, everyone should master their own variation of the Bloody Mary. This one is refined. This is an excellent brunch drink. It’s also fantastic for when annoying friends are on Feb Fast or Dry July – you can drink alcohol and be smug and healthy.”

“I’m a big believer in everything in moderation,” Elliot-Howry adds by way of a proviso. “Pickles and ferment brines are definitely good for you and your gut, but in cocktails they’re used for interesting flavour profile rather than for health benefits. Having said that you’re much better off using home made mixers – like our Peach Shrub or house made tonics than buying bottled mixers from the supermarket, that are full of sugars and preservatives.”

To make, combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake well and serve. Garnish with fresh herbs and a slice of beetroot – the more the better.

Tile and cover image: Supplied