amybarbiegraziaImage: Getty Images

Amy Schumer is reportedly going to play Barbie in a big-budget comedy that will give the toy brand a much needed image shake-up.

According to Deadline, the stand-up comic and actress has verbally agreed and will soon sign a contract with Sony Pictures to play the doll in a PG film due for release in 2018. Mattel is said to be eager to portray Barbie, often seen as a bad role model for young girls due to her perceived unattainable perfection and superficiality, as funny, empowered, smart and when it comes to physicality, curvy.

The film’s plot will follow Barbie after she gets kicked out of ‘Barbieland’ for not fitting in, goes on an adventure in the real world before bringing the lessons she’s learned – essentially, that beauty comes from within – back to her home in order to save it.

If done right, the piece could deliver a strong feminist message: the script was written by female producer Hilary Winston, Schumer and her sister Kim will also contribute writing, and Deadline says Sony is now on the hunt to lock down a female director.

All we know is with Amy Schumer starring in and partially writing this film, we could be about to see Barbie as never before: sassy, smart and real.