Leaked court papers have revealed Amber Heard’s alleged harrowing experiences while in a relationship with Johnny Depp. In deposition transcripts obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, the Aquaman actress claims Depp had a very violent alter ego. “I was petrified of the monster,” she said. “Johnny and I refer to his other personality, the part of him that is present when he beats me up –  we call that the monster and have called [that] the monster for many years,” she reportedly told Depp’s lawyer Blair Berk.

While the star couple’s divorce was finalised in 2017 (after two years married), it’s only now that this information – via a 471-page document – is coming to light. In the recounts, Heard recalls an alleged altercation in May 2016 where her then-husband threw her phone at her “as hard as he could” striking her face. She also said Depp “broke a lot of glass things that left glass on the floor.”

While Heard called her friends for help, one of whom says she had “dozens of photos” f Heard’s bruises over the course of their relationship, the Pirates Of The Caribbean star vehemently denies claims he abused his wife, and instead says Heard s the one who is “aggressive and violent”. In response to Heard’s above claims about the night with the phone, Depp says he had simply gone over to the house to collect some of his belongings and threw her phone on the couch. The police were called but since Heard “refused to give her name”, charges were not laid. The officer in attendance said they failed to cite any bruising or signs of injury on Heard’s face as a result of the alleged assault. The officer also noted there was no glass or broken items on the ground.

Heard has since told the court she declined to give a statement to police as her lawyer had advised her not to.