Princess Diana
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Princess Diana was undoubtedly the biggest fashion icon of the monarch. From her activewear, holiday style and that revenge dress, she not only followed ’80s and ’90s fashion trends, she influenced them. In a new interview, British designer Amanda Wakeley has recalled dressing the beloved royal in another Diana signature – the power suit.

“She was not a massively demanding client,” Wakeley said. “She loved what I was proposing; nine times out of 10 she would go with the sample.”

Princess Diana was photographed in many of Wakeley’s designs which included a deep ink double breasted skirt suit with pearl detailing. The lapel was crafted in a dreamy velvet in a lighter hue. It became famous as the ensemble she wore to announce her resignation from public duties in 1993. Diana had also worn a green iteration and grey pinstripe power suit from Wakeley’s namesake label.

Princess Diana
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“I always believe that the way clothes make you feel is incredibly important,” Wakeley explained of that evening. “I think if you’re heading for a tricky moment, slipping into something that feels gorgeous is very reassuring.”

The designer – who has also been worn by Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle – also produces off-duty styles. “I will never forget first seeing her in her cycling shorts,” she shares. “She had a Wakeley ecru cashmere jumper with satin cuffs thrown on over the top and I just thought it epitomised everything about her. She just looked so chic. It felt very ahead of its time.”

Last month during a highly-publicised tour to New York City, Meghan Markle paid homage to her late mother-in-law by wearing a Dior ‘Lady D-Lite’ bag. The iconic top-handle bag was worn so often by the royal that it was eventually named after her.

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