Australia’s eminent festival on issues pertaining to gender, justice and equality on both a global and local scale, All About Women, has announced that it will return in 2019 with a characteristically diverse and dynamic program.

Now in its seventh year, the Sydney Opera House’s annual symposium on groundbreaking ideas forged by extraordinary women is held, as always, in the lead up to International Women’s Day and will continue to provide a platform for imagining a collective and intersectional feminist future through a broad range of topics, including the achievements and disillusionments of an increasingly factional #MeToo movement; female anger and desire; consent and sexual assault; toxic masculinity; feminism outside the Western world; problems with ‘wokeness’; ‘hip hop feminism’; class; and gender politics in the home and workplace.

In addition to a series of solo talks and panel discussions, All About Women’s hands-on workshop program will return with carpentry classes lead by The Female Tradie, Penny Petridis, and flower arranging by Sophia Kaplan, amongst others. Another significant component of the program is the All About Women Podcast Hub, which next year returns with live recordings from The Cut on Tuesdays, New York Magazine’s recently launched exploration of contemporary culture, style, sex and politics, and Slate’s The Waves, which considers news and culture through the lens of gender and feminism.

The first round of speakers, announced today, are featured in the gallery above. The first round of events for the All About Women program for 2019 can be found here.

Tile image: Aurelie Garnier
Cover image: Prudence Upton