When the news broke of a collaboration between Alexa Chung and Superga, it came as no surprise given she has been an ambassador of the brand for over six years.

The century-old company has worked with the fashion entrepreneur to create a capsule shoe collection which embodies her eclectic, feminine, edgy sense of style. Think backless slip-on, high tops, and original style Superga’s made of either satin or terry towelling, with the former coming in a kaleidoscope of pastels.

“I love the mid-top, off-white Supergas we made because they’re legitimately my dream trainers come true.”

“Sometimes the hardest thing to do in design is show constraint and confidence in more muted things and these I think are beautiful because they’re so classic and minimal,” Chung adds.

This brand collaboration – unlike the many that are notorious for using celebrities’ names with little of their design input – had the British style icon heavily involved in the creative process and direction of the collection.

“I think when you put your name to something it’s important to imbue it with your point of view and vision and that’s difficult to do, people can emulate your essence and predict what you might like but it’s never as authentic as when it’s actually you doing it.”

On the inspiration behind the collection and the timelessness that comes with sneakers, she says just as candid. “I’m someone who has always gravitated towards the classics and its one of the reasons I was first interested in Superga because my mother wore them and so for me they seem evergreen.”

“For this collection, I wanted to celebrate the Superga originals that I wear the most,” Chung said of the design process. “[I] decided to make them off-white and with a little toe cap to make them fresh and luxe without compromising the elements that make them Supergas.”

The Superga x Alexa Chung collaboration boasts a range of sneakers which are infused with elements of both parties, creating a fashionable hybrid of the two. You can shop the collection now at the UK Online Store or in Australian stores from September.

Superga x Alexa Chung, satin Trainers in green fern and blue, £75 (approx. $137). SHOP NOW