Style icon Chung at London Fashion Week in September 2017
Credit: Getty Images

What else could British television presenter and fashion phenomenon Alexa Chung possibly add to her already gargantuan list of descriptors, accomplishments and titles of fawning? If you guessed bag designer, you’re right on the money.

Given she was the inspiration behind Mulberry’s (now discontinued) cult ‘Alexa’ handbag, and last year launched her self-titled women’s fashion label, it was perhaps a natural next step for Chung to design her own must-have arm candy. Her creation? A gingham canvas tote designed exclusively for aforementioned ALEXACHUNG. And best of all, it won’t cost you a month’s (or even week’s for that matter) worth of rent money.

Alexa Chung carrying the ALEXACHUNG gingham tote bag for Amex Shop Small

Partnering with American Express to celebrate ‘Small Business Saturday’, the bag is a pocket-sized powerhouse of everything that Chung is known for. With contrasting gingham weights, stud fastenings securing the handles to its body and ALEXACHUNG branding in the corner, the bag belies its $30 dollar price tag.

No, not a typo. Thirty whole dollars.

In case the dangerously potent concoction of Alexa Chung + on-trend gingham + tote bag wasn’t enticing enough, all profits from the bag’s sale will go to Sarabande, the late Lee Alexander McQueen’s charitable foundation. Guess that answers what GRAZIA will be buying all our friends for Christmas.