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The shaggy curly bangs didn’t always exist. “I had long hair down to my bellybutton,” Alanna Arrington recently told Fashionista. “I cut it up to my shoulders at in January 2016, and then every week I’ve gone a little shorter. I cut my bangs, and now they touched them up, cut them right above my brows and everything, so it’s kind of gradually gotten to this point.”

The now 18-year-old Iowa native was scouted by a local model management but it wasn’t until she moved to Los Angeles and cut her hair that the big jobs started rolling in. In February 2016, the model went to New York for the first time ever and not only walked in her first shows, she opened for Altuzzara.

Victoria Secret creative director Ed Razek had his eye on her and she was booked for the 2016 show. “The great thing about VS is that they will make 100 per cent sure that you are comfortable with what you’re wearing, like if your shoes are worrying you, they’ll make sure they fix that so you’re happy,” she told Vogue. “I’m used to it being the opposite to that, where designers are like, ‘You have to walk in whatever we give you.’ It’s also fun because it incorporates a lot of the things that you can’t do in a regular show. Usually you have this stone cold face, you look straight ahead, here I can interact with the audience, the other models, the performers. I’m naturally pretty flamboyant; I smile really big and cheesy a lot; and I like to dance, so this is completely perfect for me.”

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While the next stop will be to be worthy of her own set of wings, for the time being, Arrington is running in the right social circles. “The girls at Victoria’s Secret really welcome you in to this big family and I just think it’s so wonderful that all the girls who’ve been doing this for 10-plus years make you feel that you deserve it and that you belong here,” she said. “It’s great because sometimes you question if you belong here, but that just reassures you that, yes, you do and you’re going to go out here with all of these beautiful women and you’re all going to kill it. It’s inspiring.”

In LA for Tommy Hilfiger’s SS17 show, GRAZIA instantly recognised VS’s latest recruit. She may have been overshadowed by the Hadid surname at the casting call but no one on the three minute long runway had a walk like Arrington; cult-like edge, vibing, cool.

Arrington then walked for Yeezy, Jeremy Scott and Prabal Gurung. Watch this face. And in the meantime, flick her a follow @alannaarrington

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