It’s our favourite time of year: the annual Aje Online Warehouse Sale (Christmas, what?). With up to 60% off past season collections, Aje’s Online Warehouse Sale has begun and is running for four days only. Shoppable online via from Thursday 17th September through to Sunday 20th September, you can now snap up all those cult Aje pieces for a fraction of the price, arming your spring wardrobe with the fashion it deserves.

But amid the frenzy and panic-buying of a warehouse sale, are you ever left wondering: how do I style these? (a common rhetoric for this seasoned sale veteran). Well, Melbourne stylist Elliot Garnaut is here to help. For Aje’s digital campaign, Garnaut was asked to style the key pieces from the sale on a very special someone, his mother Kathy.


A paragon of style and glamour, Kathy Garnaut has long been Elliot’s inspiration and indeed the reason behind his love of fashion. Reinventing the creative wheel to work during Covid and Melbourne’s lockdown, Elliot styled his mum at home with the belief that fashion can be ageless and non-discriminatory, particularly resonant in this generation and moment. It’s fashion on real women, for real women, from home – and Aje’s campaign proves this.

Along with the stellar pieces seen on Kathy, there is a curated edit of over 120 styles from the Aje Archives, all under $250, with styles being added throughout the day (like this wondrous white cut-out blazer below).


Along with the campaign, the fashionable mother and son did a little Q&A for GRAZIA below. And incredibly, without a profanity in tow….

Elliot: What did you think when I said you to AJE had emailed about this shoot?
Kathy: I was so excited and also so nervous! Having never done something like this before and never actually seen you in a work capacity, I was thrilled to be able to see my son do what he does best, and be a part of it! I love AJE, it is such an iconic Australian fashion label and I am very passionate about supporting Australian designers. I was honoured to be considered.

Elliot: How did you find being involved, was I a pain in the arse to work with?
Kathy: Much like your father and brother, you are so headstrong and even for this fun at-home project you brought that same energy and attitude. I had no idea what I was doing but with the direction of you and Georgie, I was feeling so comfortable in a matter of minutes. So much fun!

Elliot: What does it mean to you to be able to work on fun projects like this together?
Kathy: I have been overwhelmed by the response we’ve had together on your social media since lockdown. To everybody watching, I hope I’m doing an ok job! To be honest darl, I am so proud of your work and growth as a young businessman. If I can do anything to help with that all you have to do is ask. These are memories, and images, we’ll cherish for a lifetime.