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Stylist, designer and digital media entrepreneur Sheree Commerford is best known for three things: her beautiful lifestyle blog Captain and the Gypsy Kid, her mermaid-like long blonde locks and her penchant for super-cool denim.

So it makes perfect sense that when the Australian distributor of premium denim brand AG Jeans – the same company that has a long-time working relationship with Alexa Chung – was looking for someone to sum up the brand and its spirit, they turned to Commerford and her creative-slash-fashion director husband Sam Elsom.

The couple, along with their blonde-locked children Sugar and Captain, have relocated from their Sydney beachside home to California for the winter, but found time to shoot these images of themselves dressed in the unisex Indigo collection, which is now on sale at David Jones and selected retail and online boutiques. We spoke to Commerford about the shoot, their west-coast adventure and her long-time love affair with the blues.

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Can you tell us a little of the BTS on these beautiful images of your family? Thank you for saying that. We spent a day hanging at our good friend’s house, photographer Kate Danson, who lives in Venice [Beach, California]. It was a family team effort between us all.

How long are you in Cali for? We are here for about two months, maybe longer (the plans keep changing) working and travelling with the kids. We have always wanted to road trip and see a different part of the country, not just the East or West coast. 

What’s your first denim memory? Wearing my father’s denim overalls that he used for burning cane. I lived in them.

The most unusual jeans fabric piece you own is? A denim bikini.

best advice for styling indigo denim? There really are no rules but just be mindful not all washes work together. The palette has to balance. 

Ever tried to distress your own? Yep, we do it all the time with the kids clothes in particular. We use domestic bleach, hand planes and sand paper. Ripping by hand and not with scissors is always better.

What do you appreciate most about this capsule? I love that even though it’s knitwear it still fades like real denim. Kinda genius.

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Images courtesy: IFG