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From NASA-designed LED light masks and Kardashian-approved vampire facials, we’re accustomed to hearing about the high maintenance prep celebrities and supermodels undertake to maintain their next-level appearance, so it’s always a welcome surprise when a celebrity endorses an affordable primping option. This week the thrifty beauty advice comes courtesy of supermodel Adriana Lima, who shared her home remedy for strong, glossy hair: Avocado.

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Speaking to IntoTheGloss, the Benjamin Buttoning Brazilian said the supermarket staple supercharges her hair masks. “Once a week, I try to do a hair mask. I take my conditioner and I leave it on for around 30 minutes under my shower cap, but sometimes I’ll do 45 minutes. I think the longer the better. And I think it’s important to change your conditioner every so often. If I use one continuously, my hair will get used to it, so I keep switching it,” says Lima, explaining that when her hair needs a deeper dose of moisture she plays apothecary. “In Brazil, we’d take our conditioner or hair mask and mix it with avocado and put that in our hair for a treatment.”It leaves your hair super shiny. I’m not joking! And avocado doesn’t have a strong scent, so you won’t smell funny. I promise.” So if your strands are in need of a post-winter hydration hit before the hot and humid days hijack your hair, take Lima’s DIY advice and add an avo. 

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