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Adele has never tried to hide how unnatural she feels performing to big crowds. At a recent Sydney concert, she told the audience she only performed at stadiums on her Australian tour to accommodate the huge amount of people that wanted to see her live, and in an interview last year she confessed to experiencing stage fright.

But the Hello singer has given her biggest indication yet that she’s unlikely to tour for a long time, if ever, after her Adele Live 2017 ends at London’s Wembley Stadium in July.

“Touring isn’t something I’m good at; applause makes me feel a bit vulnerable,” she told the 40,000 strong crowd at her show in Auckland this past weekend, the New Zealand Herald reports.

“I don’t know if I will ever tour again. The only reason I’ve toured is you. I’m not sure if touring is my bag. My greatest accomplishment in my career is this tour.”

Lightening the mood after dropping the devastating bombshell on fans, she joked:

“I’m not really much of a touring artist. I’d just always wanted to be home eating Chinese, I’m not gonna lie.”


Having just wrapped the Australia and New Zealand leg of her latest tour, the 28-year-old has just four scheduled live shows left for the foreseeable future, all at Wembley in June and July.

Last Year Adele expressed a similar sentiment to Vanity Fair.

“I’d still like to make records, but I’d be fine if I never heard [the applause] again. I’m on tour simply to see everyone who’s been so supportive. I don’t care about money. I’m British, and we don’t have that . . . thing of having to earn more money all the time. I don’t come from money; it’s not that important a part of my life.”

The Send My Love singer also said she struggles with the guilt of feeling she’s not spending enough time with her four-year-old son Angeleo when she’s on tour.

“I’m enjoying touring, but at times I feel guilty because I’m doing this massive tour, and even though my son is with me all the time, on certain nights I can’t put him to bed,” she explained. “I never feel guilty when I’m not working. You’re constantly trying to make up for stuff when you’re a mum.”