Acne Studios Fall 2021

Did you ever fall asleep in your day clothes pre-pandemic and wake up feeling put-together yet barely conscious? That’s precisely the vibe I gather from a handful of pieces from the Acne Studios’ Fall-Winter 2021 womenswear collection, presented on Wednesday, March 3 amid Paris Fashion Week. Better yet, though, Jonny Johansson’s lineup reads like a sampling of outfit ideas perfect for everyone from the elevated loungewear-lover to the tailoring enthusiast. 

The FW21 collection was inspired by the (eventual) transition out of the coronavirus pandemic. “I was thinking about what happens when we emerge from isolation,” says the creative director in a press release shared with GRAZIA. “This collection is a dreamscape that begins with soft pastel colours, before awakening into monochromatic clarity, which is an ode to the white or black clothes worn for rituals in our life cycle, like weddings and funerals.” 

As touched on by Johansson, clicking through Look 1 to Look 37 is almost like a flipbook, if you will. The beginning spotlights textured knit sets, not entirely like the ones we lived and lounged in for a substantial majority of the pandemic (Johansson compares them to a “long-loved teddy bear”). But as you get further in the lookbook, sweet pastels and floral print pieces morph into more sophisticated offerings in a black-and-white colour palette: long-sleeved linen dresses, silk jackets, and sleeveless gowns.

A detail you might have almost missed is the ceramic animals, created in collaboration with artist Apollinaria Broche. Models carried her artwork under their arms, and at first glance, they resemble handbags. Johansson compares them to “an imaginary friend from childhood,” but worn with pyjama-like ensembles like Look 3, they can’t help but resemble stuffed animals. Miniature versions of her designs appear attached to earrings, chokers, and footwear. Get an up-close look at all of the different iterations, as shown on the runway below.

And ahead, experience our favourite looks from the Acne Studios FW21 lookbook.