We don’t need to tell you twice how much we adore Céline Dion. In part, because of her spectacular mezzo soprano voice and catchy chanson, but even more so because of her bold, brave, devil-may-care attitude to all things including fashion. Just like a fine wine or mature cheese, Céline Dion does get better with age, the 51-year-old chanteuse continuing to validate the platitude.

Take, for example, today’s look. Ready for her concert in Florida – I can’t wait to sing for you Tampa – Céline xx…” – Dion posed pre-show in a red and black tartan look from Dior’s Ready-to-Wear Fall 2019 collection. With her hair slicked back, sunnies on and legs spread, Dion was every bit the boss in the eclectic mash-up which featured a zip-front, hooded spray jacket, voluminous tulle skirt and chunky, laced camp boot.

A peculiar pairing for some, Dion balanced retro athleisure and punkish femininity with the kind of confidence we’ve come to expect of the singer (plus, makes a case for the revival of “dad’s spray jacket” from the ’80s – another nostalgic trend in the making). A pair of Dior’s glossy black rubberised rain boots replete with peep of red completed the iconoclastic look.

Always one to subvert traditional codes of fashion and “dressing for one’s age”, Céline Dion again proves sartorial self-expression trumps all else.

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