According to Madonna, the New York Times is “one of the founding fathers of Patriarchy”. The reputable publication did a profile on the singer – Madonna At Sixty – and today the subject in focus has taken a fierce dislike to the article. “To say that I was disappointed in the article would be an understatement,” wrote Madonna to her 13.8 million Instagram fans. “It seems you can’t fix society and its endless need to diminish, disparage or degrade that which they know is good. Especially strong independent women.”

If you’re confused, so are we a little. But it was when Madonna put the [esteemed] journalist Vanessa Grigoriadis on blast that her stance became a little clearer; she felt Grigoriadis focused too much on the life of Madonna and not enough on the bigger picture. “The journalist who wrote this article spent days and hours and months with me and was invited into a world which many people don’t get to see, but chose to focus on trivial and superficial matters such as the ethnicity of my stand in or the fabric of my curtains and never-ending comments about my age which would never have been mentioned had I been a MAN!” Madonna said.

“Women have a really hard time being the champions of other women even if they are posing as intellectual feminists,” she continued. “I’m sorry I spent 5 minutes with her.”

In defence of Grigoriadis, she delivered a story we all wanted to read: Who is Madonna at Sixty? And sorry, but calling out a female journalist isn’t exactly the first rule of feminist thumb either.

Have a read here and tell us what you think.