Fine gold necklaces have never been more popular. Seen stacked on the décolletages of the style stars (see gallery below), the simple layered-gold-over-a-tee look is a new classic.


While these delicate pieces are indeed sublimely on trend, their time in the sun also never seems to set. The unassuming nature of a simple gold chain and pendant is both classic in style and dense with individuality. The pieces you choose to layer and wear usually mean something to you. A pendant from your boyfriend, a chain from your mum, a special necklace that was a gift to yourself. This is not fast fashion and nor is it disposable, these are keep-worthy pieces that tell a story about you.

With the release of cult label Sarah & Sebastian’s new zodiac collection, our quest to add to our signature pieces has been reignited.

How to do the perfect ‘stack’:

  • Make sure you buy chains in a variety of lengths, if they’re all one length they’ll get messy and tangled
  • Start with a short choker style, then cascade your pendant necklaces underneath
  • Don’t wear too many. About 4 to 5 would be sufficient, but 2 or 3 looks beautiful too. The more you wear, the more bohemian your look
  • Occasionally, add a statement necklace to your staple set to keep the look fresh. It could be a chunky pendant, a gem stone or a long fob chain

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