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Some nights I lie awake scrolling Instagram and fretting over my expansive to-do list. Other nights I drink a chamomile tea, limit screen time and meditate for three minutes before I climb into bed. There really is no in between. But one thing I can rely on the ensure I look bright-eyed in the morning (despite the scrolling) is a few nighttime beauty rituals. And not just my regular P.M. skincare routine, but added extras that work while I snooze – things like sleep masks, humidifiers, acne hacks and boujee bedding. These are the tricks I instil when my skin is feeling flat, when I’m working too much or if I just want to step things up a little. There’s small changes, but the benefits are noticeable.

Keep scrolling for my editor-approved guide to waking up with better skin (eight hours or otherwise).  

Overnight face masks bring a whole new level of meaning to the phrase beauty sleep. This pick from Votary is full of rich, nourishing plant oils to moisturise the skin, leaving it super soft and glowy come sunrise. It’s not super thick, so won’t leave you feeling sticky or transfer to linen either. Use it when your skin feels a little dull, dry or crepey.

Votary Intense Overnight Mask, $130. SHOP NOW

If a hyper-luxurious approach to bedtime is more your style, this incredibly special buy from La Prarie won’t disappoint. It’s essentially a souped-up version of the brand’s signature caviar complex, designed to firm and brighten the skin. This is super rich, so perfect for mature skin types and those prone to extreme dryness. Application is also a dream – think day spa benefits from the comfort of home.

La Prarie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask, $455. SHOP NOW

On the other hand, overnight is also a great time to target and treat breakouts. Zit Sticka is an innovative take on “pimple patches”, whereby each sticker includes a series of tiny microdarts designed to penetrate the dermis and deliver actives into the centre of a blemish. Zitsticka specifically contain salicylic acid and niacinamide to calm and reduce inflammation. Apply before bed and you’ll wake up smoother and clearer (promise).

Zit Sticka Killa Microdart Patch, $40. SHOP NOW

The environment we sleep in can also take a toll on our complexion. Air that’s too dry will zap the skin’s moisture levels, resulting in tightness and dullness (those who sleep in heating and cooling will know what I’m talking about). A humidifier works to put water back into the air, helping the skin stay fresh and hydrated. Humidi is a new launch that’s portable, silent and looks cute on your nightstand. It’s also ace for allergy sufferers, too.

Humidi Humidifier, $90. SHOP NOW

Great skin starts with proper deep sleep, and investing in quality bedding is one of the most beneficial things you can do. Ettitude Store specialises in bamboo sheets (like sleeping on a cloud) but have extended their offering to include alternative down pillows. This is not a regular pillow, but rather a two-in-one design with a removable thick, squishy cover so you can tailor your thickness. The material itself is a mix of 60% recycled water bottles and 40% clean bamboo. Trust me when I say this pillow is better than what’s on offer at a five-star hotel.

Ettitude Store Alternative Down Pillow, $140. SHOP NOW