The Fab Five at the Queer Eye premiere screening. GETTY IMAGES

Netflix’s reincarnation of 2003’s Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, Queer Eye is is a revamped (and title-shortened) version with a brand new cast and a whole lotta heart warming stories. Based this time in Atlanta, Georgia (rather than New York City as was original) the ‘Fab Five’ meet with small town blokes who desperately need help and advice across all facets of their lives. The overarching theme is of course, however, style. From fashion to grooming to their homes the subjects have fallen into ruts in their everyday life.  Their personal care has become a lower than low priority and their morale has followed. Enter the five guys, each experts in their own field, improving and encouraging until the guest is genuinely beaming from the inside out.

In watching the series, not only do Karamo Brown (culture), Antoni Porowski (food & wine), Tan France (fashion), Jonathan Van Ness (grooming) and Bobby Berk (interiors) provide life changing makeovers for their human projects, they majorly hit us viewers in the fashion feels too.

The style these guys both wear themselves and dish out is refreshingly fun. From statement bomber jackets to printed shirts to out-there accessories they blend trend-fashion with everyday-wearable in a surprisingly inspiring way. Their mantras are already majorly influencing shopping wish lists, regardless of whether you’re a guy or a girl.


Bomber jackets are everything

Basically, when Kamaro Brown wears absolutely anything it looks like a trillion bucks and we want in. His (we can only imagine) mansion-sized wardrobe must be chockers full of sensational bomber jackets. It feels like in every single scene he pops up in one better than next. Satin, printed, pastel, khaki, you name it. Boys, buy your very own here and girls, here.

The short-sleeve Polo Knit is your new sexy tee

Worn by the dudes in just about every episode, the classic polo knit becomes a best supporting star of its own. Tan France (the fashion stylist) recommends them for their comfy, casual vibe but also because they make your arms look amazing. The soft collar adds a welcome hint of style too. Boys, buy yours here and girls, here.

Tailor. Your. Clothes.

For a stylist like France (below), tailoring to fit is a personal priority. However, most of us tend to just roll with whatever size comes off the rack. As France explains, taking the time (and a touch of extra budget) to nip in the sides of a shirt or adjust the length of a pair of trousers makes all the difference to the old ‘you wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear you’ thing.

Don’t ignore your skin and hair

When grooming expert Van Ness (below) isn’t schooling us in own hysterical vocab (“He strugs to func” is our personal favourite) he’s allll about healthy, radiant skin and hair. Even if you’re not into a full beauty routine, a few quick steps each day can help all tired, puffy faces and revive dull locks. Some of his actual personal favourite products can be found here and here and here and here and here and here.

Life is never too casual to be a little dressed up

Now this is not a throw-away-your-trackies scenario, rather a positive encouragement to enjoy actually sprucing yourself up. Wear something with a collar, trade your sweats for trousers and buy a few new fashion items seasonally. It will not only make you look better, but your personal confidence will improve outta sight.

we all want a leather moto jacket like Antoni’s

Seen mainly in the promos and credits, we’re all now in the market for a well-fitted leather moto jacket. While it’s very much an investment piece, just look how amazing it is! Wear over dressy shirts or casual tees.  You can choose your level of investment…expert here: here and entry, here.

the splashy printed shirt is unexpectedly versatile

France is allll about the short sleeve printed shirt. He’s such an advocate that we’ve started feeling anxious when we stare into our wardrobe full of black, white and pale grey. Prints and colour can be everyday items, you just need to get used to wearing them. We’re all too reliant on the monochrome life. He’s so right. Boys, buy yours here, and girls, here.

Don’t be afraid to accessorise

Once you’re styled slightly out of your comfort zone, please advance to level 2: Accessories. A hat, a scarf, a pocket square, why not!? This season the boys have sported felt brim hats (shop here), cute neck bandanas (SHOP here) and pop-of-colour silk pocket squares (shop here). They’re also all about the loafter (shop here and here) and the always-versatile white trainer (shop here and here). Yas!