Ask any Cruise insider and they’ll tell you the same: those shows aren’t the place trends tend to be made (luxury labels save that serious game for the ready-to-wear roundabout) – rather they’re where designers let down their hair and show seriously fun clothes and accessories that will sell and sell.

Watch our looped live-stream video of the whole #LVCruise 2017 show!

Nicolas Ghesquiere clearly nailed his Cruise brief this morning in Rio de Janeiro. Incredible location and a star-studded front row made of designer milk crates that snaked like pen swirls, plus a futuristic-feminine collection that was a kaleidoscope of block colours, frilled layers and organic lines showing just enough leg or stomach to make it sexy (often both at the same time), equalled surefire success with fashion critics. 
 LVCRUISE17TILEA kaleidoscope of bold colours and futuristic organic shapes on the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 runway
Credit: Courtesy Louis Vuitton
But it’s the quirky details that gave us goosebumps while we watched our live-stream here at GRAZIA HQ. This whole collection drops in stores globally come November. So on that note, see Exhibits 1-7 below for an idea of what we’ll all be coveting for spring.

1. Sparkling neck scarves All signs suggest it’ll soon be time for the Kardashian / Hadid clans to stash their signature chokers. What’s hottest on the horizon are sequinned scarf twisted around necks instead. Note: the more bling the better.

Credit: Courtesy Louis Vuitton


Credit: Courtesy Louis Vuitton

2. Next-level normcore sandals
Here’s what you get when you cross platform boxer boots with a summer split-toe slip-on. They were shown in both black and white, but the latter packs a bigger punch. No more worries about your flip flops flying off as you walk again. 

resize boots GettyImages534974726
Credit: Getty Images

3. Studded leather wings Style mavens love nothing more than fabric contradictions  which is why they’ll probably go bat-crazy for this leather-slash-sequin top and skirt combo. Love the paper bag draw-strong waist: a rare instance where non-fitted leather looks figure flattering. 


Credit: Courtesy Louis Vuitton

4. Boom box bags…
What they lack in over-arm easy of carry, they make up for in the fun stakes. All of those compartments would make it a very cool (albeit costly) make-up case.

5. …And pointy winkle-pickers A mix of ’50s British rock and roll flashbacks with futuristic neoprene fabrics. Quirky and comfy  a cool combo.

resize boom GettyImages535029660
Credit: Getty Images

6. Football motifs on dresses Well, we were in Rio after all. Who said fashion girls and ball sports would never live in harmony?

Credit: Courtesy Louis Vuitton

7. SPARKLES FOR DAYS Nothing revolutionary here – true – but certainly not something we’ve seen for a while, especially worn under a pretty floral sundress the way one might conservatively don a modest T-shirt, as per pastel-haired Australian model-of-the-moment Fernanda Ly. Extra love for this show-stopping tiered mini dress (pictured far below) with cut-out stomach made entirely of sequinned fabric – ideal for a sci-fi Queen of Dragons.

Credit: Courtesy Louis Vuitton

Credit: Courtesy Louis Vuitton