Yesterday, we brought you Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s Christmas wishlist, which included two very silky presents from Australian brand, Slip; a silk robe and a silk pillowcase. But it’s not just the Kardashian’s who love to slip into a little silk come bedtime.

While the humble pillowcase has had many iterations over time, none have been so precious – or coveted – as its silk incarnation. Once reserved for those of sovereign stature (think queenly types), the silk pillowcase is now accessible to the masses and has slept with some very famous faces, the Kardashians included. But why choose silk over your fleecy flannel counterparts? All in the name of beauty, of course.

Whilst Sleeping Beauty always slept on her back, there is a good chance you don’t. After-dark wriggling and wiggling may seem innocuous enough, but a lot happens to your head in that protracted phase when night falls. Hair loss, fine lines, dehydration, collapsed blow-waves – it’s an all-round beauty disaster.

Lucky then, that the silk pillowcase is here to save the day (or night).

The benefits of a silk pillowcase transcend touch and feel, proffering a host of benefits for both skin and hair. Their cotton counterparts cause friction (of the unwanted variety) between the sheets. This in turn causes lines (we’ve all been there – waking up crinkle-faced and cranky) and over time, such innocent lines become forever-wrinkles. But, silky, shiny, sheeny cases make for smooth snuggling sans any friction.

There’s also the promise of frizz-free, healthier locks, as top hairstylist Anthony Nader explains: “When resting your head on say cotton or cotton blend, this tends to agitate and rough up the hair cuticle, which leaves you waking like you’ve had a rough night’s sleep; because of the silk fibres being smooth and shiny, when you sleep at night and you move your head, your strands will glide or even slide along the fibre with ease. You’ll notice a photo finish difference in the morning and also less time styling, which can zap up your morning routine before running out the door.” It also keeps your blow-wave buoyant for extra days (phew).

Plus, it locks in your skin’s natural moisture, not absorbing any lavish (and expensive) night creams applied before hitting the sack. And for those prone to a sneeze and a snuffle, silk repels allergens such as dust, pollen and bed bugs; meaning bulbous morning eyes begone!

For your most sovereign sleep yet, five of the cutest for your consideration, plus one nifty, silky sleep appendage. Time to slip into something more comfortable.

Slip XO Slip Pillowcaseslipfinal

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The Goodnight Company Silk Pillowcasegnc2The Goodnight Company Silk Pillowcase in Natural White, $79.95. SHOP NOW

Go-To Face Case Silk PillowcasecutefacepillowGo-To Face Case Silk Pillowcase, $65. SHOP NOW

Ettitude Bondi Pillow

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ShhhSilk Pink Silk Sleep Cap
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