Sure, winter is bleak. It’s dark outside at 5pm, miniature fan heaters equate to ridiculously high electricity bills (but, how?) and all you want to do is eat hot chips, mashed potato, baked potato – potato in any kind of its moreish incarnation, really. And mohair is itchy, people. But, winter does make for some pretty cosy moments. A steamy roast, red wine, Netflix nights and the excuse to eat potato chips et al. because: layers.

Consider adding these five warming rituals to your winter repertoire, a sure-fire way of getting toasty.

A Salty Soak
Epsom salts have long been praised for their detoxifying proponents; from relaxing the nervous system and healing cuts, to soothing aching limbs and drawing toxins from the body (J-Law swears by an Epsom bath pre-Oscars), but their scent is, well, fraught with nought. A good bath should always elicit some sensory avail, so choose a floral or fruit-spiked salt so you can step out of the bath both remedied and fragrant. Bloom in the bathtub with Soak Society’s Rose Wellness, which combines epsom salts, pink kaolin clay, celtic sea salt, Himalayan pink salts, rose damascena, rose geranium, rose petals for your most salubrious soak yet.

Soak Society Rose Wellness Soak, $11.95. shop now

Spice Things Up
Replace summery herbals with a sticky, spiced chai, good for both the body and soul with beauty-boosting spices like cardamon, cinnamon and clove. Chai fans exult, T2 are about to release their new Limited Edition Chai collective, Popcorn Chai and Honeycomb Chai, alongside chai superstars; Choc Chip Chai, Hot Date Chai and Oolong Chocolate Chai amongst others. Nutty accents and hints of honeybush make for some memorable moments with your teacup; just add Macadamia milk and raw maple syrup for the the ultimate (tea) nirvana.

T2 Limited Edition Honeycomb Chai and Popcorn Chai, $26. Available July 10 in t2 stores nationally and online. 

Get Lit
The burning of a candle will forever be etched in our winter psyche, and we will forever ‘get lit’, so to speak, when the chill emanates. That hot little flame renders both warmth and scent, and Le Labo’s latest offering, Palo Santo 14, is just the wick to get hearts and rooms a’ blazing, with its warming and comforting scent of the healing Palo Santo tree. Go on baby, light your fire.

Le Labo Palo Santo 14, $110. Shop Now

Infrared Your Insides

Cold? A steaming hot sauna will most definitely thaw you out, but, choose your sauna wisely. Unlike traditional saunas, an infrared sauna boasts beauty and heath benefits, not just sweat. Heating panels penetrate the skin at a cellular level using dry heat to remove up to 20% of the toxins in your body, while a traditional sauna heats the air around you to remove only 3%. Try Nimbus and Co. in Bondi, a little slice of halcyon heaven, the beautiful Scando-space is dedicated to healing one from the inside out (quite literally).

Nimbus and co infrared red sauna single sweat session, $42. shop now

ground yourself

This is a GRAZIA office fave (boardroom lockdown, anyone?), one spritz of Chakra spray and all feelings of frenzy are instantly mollified. We swear by Aveda’s, and whilst the practise isn’t season-specific, the scent is – spicy, earthy, woody – a mist just before bed both warms and calms even the most fraught soul. Winter zen come at us.

aveda chakra 1 balancing body mist, $49.95. shop now