Lacklustre, sad skin is often the result of bad habits. Sure, we’re all busy, and a 25-step skincare regime is by no means appealing (particularly when all you want to do is sloth about on the couch watching Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina), but in the name of great skin, sometimes adjustments need to be made.

Be it a simple tweak, or a down-right overhaul, if you really want to boss up your skincare routine, consider the following.

Add an essence
An essence allows for optimum absorption of subsequent products (serum and moisturiser), and should be patted on post-cleanse. For a palatial pat, try La Prairie’s Essence-in-Lotion and massage in slightly. Infused with distilled Caviar water (of course), it leaves skin superbly supple and suitably equipped for the rest of your indulgent caviar ritual.

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Double Cleanse
The thought of adding but another step to an already protracted skincare routine may sound daunting, but if you are to change one thing, it should be this. A double cleanse is heralded by skin experts and spruiked by all kinds of folk (myself included) as the ultimate Godly skin tactic, and for good reason. One cleanse is superficial, sloughing away only the top layer (i.e. the day’s dirt), whilst a second cleanse truly cleans the skin on a much deeper level. Try an oil or pre-cleanse balm such as Shu Uemura, then go in for the kill (or clean) with a gel-based cleanser like Ultraceuticals.

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Add A Daily exfoliant
Exfoliators have been much maligned in recent years, not so much in terms of function, but for their form and usage. Granular or leave-on? Daily or once-weekly? Of course, every skin is different, but for those prone to congestion (particualry pertient in the summer months) a daily exfoliant can often be the answer to constantly clogged skin. Dermalogica’s new Superfoliant is just the antidote; highly-active yet still gentle enough for everyday use, the activated binchotan charcoal helps to purify the skin whilst potent enzymes, alpha-hydroxy acids and anti-pollution technology¬† resurfaces for a baby-smooth finish.

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Roll Away
Follow any model on Instagram, and you will see them rolling a small tool across their money-makers. Facial massage rollers are the talk of the beauty town; they essentially mimic the facial massage one would typically receive in a salon, promoting blood circulation, ironing out puffiness, aiding lymphatic drainage and improving general skin tone. The Body Shop’s dual headed roller will leave your skin smooth, radiant and plump (the good kind). And who doesn’t like a massage?

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exercise your face
Like deadlifting for your face, you can actually exercise it. Yes, our faces can be ‘unfit’; sagging, wrinkled skin can actually be a sign of weak, tired muscle, another lovely byproduct of the ageing process. Targeting the muscles underneath the skin, as oppose to the dermis, this magic device works to stimulate your facial muscles and improve facial contour with actual results (Miranda Kerr swore by it for her Snapchat nuptials). Whilst they are short-lived, it is the perfect pick-me-up for events, or if you do ‘lift’ everyday (it only takes five minutes), results will for the most part remain. For the ultimate (skin) gains.¬†

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