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In the not too distant past, face masks were something many people reserved for professional facials, special occasions or sleepover scenes in chick flicks. Today however thanks to the increased influence of Asian skincare trends (where sheet masks are a daily complexion step for some) and the surge in celebrity face mask selfies on Instagram masks accessible and approachable seeing women and men everywhere soothing, clarifying, brightening and lifting their skin via the bevy of formulas on offer. “Depending on the severity of the skin concerns, masks are best when used twice a week as part of maintaining healthy skin and a strong barrier function,” says Tracey Beeby, skin expert and Head of Education at Ultraceuticals.

There are some insider tips and tricks to step up the efforts of your mask even further and get more out of your DIY spa sessions.

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1 Start with a clean slate
Essentially the less between your skin and the mask, the deeper the active ingredients within can penetrate so starting with a well-cleansed face will a better result.

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2 Try a primer
It’s a skincare step you didn’t know you needed but will be instantly addicted to once you try it – the mask primer. Origin’s Maskimizer is a pre skin spritz designed to hydrate and prep your skin to be more receptive to the active ingredients in your mask. Plus it uses osmotic technology t ensure moisture levels in your skin are high so the outer layers are prepped to bind moisture.

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3 Get specific
“It sounds simple but its important to find a mask specific to your skin’s concerns,” says Beeby. Or try ‘multi-masking’ where you patchwork different types of masks on your face at one time to treat that specific spot’s needs. Classic clay formulations will deal with congestion along your T-zone, green tea will energise and tighten pores, look for anything containing hyloronic acid if your cheeks are dry, while floral extracts or calendula will sooth irritation and deal with redness.

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4 Sleep on it
“Hydration masks can be left on over-night for severely dehydrated skin,” suggests Beeby. Otherwise make the most out of the fresh line-up of sleeping masks, which are formulated to be left on overnight to heal and hydrate dehydrated, dull skin, making them the ultimate skin fix for the lazy girl.

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5 Keep it cool
Celebrity make-up artist Lisa Eldridge says refrigerating under eye masks is her secret weapon against puffy eyes, particularly after flying. With the warm summer days ahead bringing more opportunities for alcohol-fueled activities, chilling your masks will deliver a complexion fix two times over.