A look at the unforeseen hair trends to surface at New York Fashion Week Fall ’18…

The Banana Clip
Considering the unexpected return of the humble bobby pin, we shouldn’t be the least surprised to see the banana clip back in fashionable favour. But, we are. The daggy claw clip made its comeback (was it ever in?) via the bossy babes at Alexander Wang; a supremely shiny, tacky-like like silver banana clip stamped with the Wang typeface secured a retro, slicked-back twist. “It’s a cool way to put your hair up and not feel too lady,” hairstylist Guido Palau said backstage.”This is Alex’s take on the ironic banana clip of that era…I love the way things that were considered a bit off can be rejigged again—like the mullet.” The trend for the “off” and ugly sees no sign of slowing – get ready for the waitlists.

the hair tuck
Remember the coat / blazer / turtleneck tuck circa 2015? Jonathan Simkhai reinvented it with a single strand of ribbon around the neck and hair – making for a memorable hair moment at NYFW. Hair was meticulously tucked with a fine silk strand and fountained forwards in what looked like two pigtails. Flattened and parted down the centre with a gentle swathe of hair, it was cool girl hair 101.

Galatic neon Bobs
Jeremy Scott has never shied away from the kooky and kitsch. Take, for example, his recent instalment of runway happenings, particular the beauty: a psychedelic feast of candy-coloured galactic bobs and space-aged cat-eyes. The indomitable Eugene Souleiman straightened cropped neon wigs with GHD’s new Professional Platinum Styler – and kept them, well, as wiggy as could be. Neon was perhaps an understatement, shades to give Faber-Castell a run for their money – cyan, fuchsia, lime, tangerine, yellow – so fluorescent frow-ers almost needed shades to stomach it. Sci-fi on steroids.

Princess Leia Buns
Perhaps a kind of homage to the late Princess Leia, intricately braided buns were spotted at Ulla Johnson, perfectly romantic and whimsical. Wispy, virgin tuffs of baby hair framed the face, whilst at the back, meticulously woven braids formed both large, lofty buns and slightly unpolished, imperfect ones.

The Thick Headband
It was a very Ford take on Olivia Newton John’s Physical; wide headbands in black leather and lurex held in place shagged-up, textured up ‘dos. Some were made up entirely of glomesh – an ostensive riff on the ’80s in all its gaudy glory – whilst the more macabre variations were so wide the enveloped almost all the forehead and crown, with mullet-esque pieces of hair spouting forth from the top. Let’s get physical, indeed.