Solange Knowles could do just about anything and we would deem it cool. She is hip, achingly so, a kind that renders a unanimous sigh amongst admirers, trailed by: “I wish I was that cool.” And whilst most of us can’t quite pull off burnt orange lamé and a fuzzy ‘fro, we can attempt Solange’s recent colour change: bleached blonde.

When Solange first appeared on Instagram with a bleached-out, cropped ‘fro (and those wonderful galactic lids and Jacquemus sheer lace jacket) – we weren’t sure of its longevity. Chameleonic in all sense of the world, the singer changes her look (almost) as much as her sister. But one month on, and the platinum has remained, more prominent than ever, with hairstylist Chuck Amos carving her peroxide Afro into a beautifully architectural “coral reef”. Amos told Refinery29 that the sea was his muse, and it was under Solange’s directive to deviate from the bleached braids of recent weeks (amazingly using a humble old pencil diffused with heat to create the aquatic kink). It’s a look Solange champions with ease, forever dégagé and innately self-assured. But for others, the idea, and subsequent action, may seem daunting.

Credit: Instagram, @saintrecords

Like any natural brunette, the transition from brown to bleached blonde (read: not just any blonde, bright peroxide blonde) is momentous both physically and mentally. Appearances change. Texture changes. Reactions change. Of course, with Solange, any dramatic hair transformation is facilitated with ease compared to us – devoid of hair teams and the like – so we quizzed blonde expert and colourist to the stars, Michael Kelly, on what exactly you should consider before braving the bleach.

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 Hair must be strong enough to handle the bleach otherwise it can lead to breakage and extreme dehydration.

AM I READY FOR THE COMMITMENT? Total bleach like this needs regular attention, 5-week bleaching appointments, top-up toners between appointment, religious Olaplex at home treatments and diligent care when styling your hair.

ARE YOU READY TO CUT YOUR HAIR? Bleaches like this look good for the first 3 – 6 months but after this time period the hair tends to look and feel not so fab. Usually the lifespan of long bleached hair is limited and this can often lead to unexpected short hair, think Katy Perry!

ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE YOUR MAKEUP? Bleached-out hair can often mean that a whole new beauty routine will be required. You’ll find that certain colours on your skin and eyes will not be suitable anymore.

ARE YOU READY FOR EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT YOUR HAIR AND TOUCHING IT? You’ll be the talk of the town when people see your newly peroxided hair, people will comment, then they’ll touch it, and then they’ll comment some more. It can get tiring so be prepared for this one. Not a lot of people consider what a huge change will do!

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