Monday morning. The snooze button is pressed a dangerous 4 times before you finally deep-breath-it out of bed and into the shower. While you stand in the hot water thinking about 980 million things you need to do at work this week, you also think, what the hell am I going to wear today? That jacket? Nope, it’s at the dry cleaner. The shirt? No, it needs ironing. That nice skirt! Ah no, I wore it to drinks on Friday, remember, and it met red wine. I guess I’ll just do the pencil skirt and shirt thing. Again. Ugh.

While there is little you can do about the office to-do list, or the fact you’re going to inevitably be 30 minutes late, you can do something about your wardrobe motivation. Mentally pre-plan with these five sensationally simple yet chic outfit ideas…the pieces of which we guarantee you already own. All they needed was this fresh spin, thanks to some of our favourite style stars. You’ll have a unusual spring in your step on your way to the bus stop.

Coffee helps, too.


Monday – the belted blazer

Okay, lets do this, week. First up, take your favourite blazer, the lighter the weight and the more oversized the better in this situation (even borrow from your boy!) and create a statement silhouette by cinching it with a belt. Pair with trousers or a skirt and boots or flats. Russian style star @dariak_style here gets all the extra points for being well, extra, in her use of fringing too. The best part of this look? It creates a sharp waist when you’re walking around, but when you’re sitting, just loosen or remove the belt and comfort remains in-tact.

Instagram @thestreetpie


Tuesday – the knit, jacket and trousers

Go to your knits/jumpers pile and pull out the one that is most fitted (extra points for a turtle neck), now tuck it in to a pair of your most high-waisted pants. Cinch the look with a belt and pair with either flat black loafers or boots. Throw over your favourite black blazer, or if you own one, a cropped leather jacket. This is c’est chic a la Danielle Bernstein from @WeWoreWhat. Congratulations, you just won Tuesday.

Instagram @WeWoreWhat


Wednesday – The white shirt/black pants redux

Sure, black pants and a white shirt sounds like an obvious fashion selection for work, but we’re all about fresh styling here. Take your most oversized white shirt (even steal from the boy again, if you like) and tuck into your best black pants. If you have a wrap-style shirt, even better! Now, if you can, wear with flat or kitten-heel shoes so the trousers wear a little long and oversized. Add a red lip and a statement pair of sunnies for promotion-inducing style.

Instagram @StyleHeroine


Thursday – the sleek scarf look

Silk scarves are rarely out of favour when it comes to trends, so why not use one to add some colour and detail to your Thursday look. A large square silk scarf (if you don’t own one, rest assured your mum/aunt/gran probably does…and it’s likely to be an old Dior or Hermes!) wrapped and then tied at the front is one thousand percent elegance, as our favourtie Giovanna Battaglia proves here. Wear with a light-coloured tonal outfit and a slick hair style (a low bun is perfection). For more fashion points, tote a clutch or bag that picks up the colours in the scarf.

Instagram @bat_gio


Friday – the dressed-up denim

Hurrah, we made it to Friday! Also known as jeans day! While we wait for our petition for every day to be jeans day to get through, celebrate the end of the week with a cute take on casual-office. Take a denim skirt of any description or colour and pair it with a crew-neck black tee. Then make like casual-style goddess @AndiCsinger and throw on a belt, a blazer and a great cross-body handbag and you’re good to go. For extra points? Give your hair a 2000s-style straighten and add a muted mulberry-shade lip. This look is perfect for your 6pm drinks date morning team meeting.

Instagram @AndiCsinger