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“Fashion must be the most intoxicating release from the banality of the world,” glorious New York style legend and magazine editrix, the late Diana Vreeland, once said. That said about clothing, there’s still no way better way to bedazzle your everyday existence than with a splash of statement bling.

While fashion jewellery might not follow seasonal runway trends in the same way as ready-to-wear clothes, there’s no doubt on-trend looks and styling ideas do define the times. (Think: string pearls in the fifties, bold costume jewellery in the eighties and those Carrie-style namesake necklaces back in the noughties.)

The common thread between the many jewellery micro-trends right now is elegant excess. By that we mean layering, mixed metals and maximalism in a delicate way.

Here are four key looks for jewellery right now, illustrated by the trend-drivers for this generation: fashion bloggers Jess Alizzi, Helen Chik, Josie Barber and Karissa Sparke. Look now, then try them with your own creative spin. After all, in the genius words again of Ms Vreeland … “Style – all who have it share one thing: originality.”

Trend 1: Stacked in Style Layered bracelets have been a thing since the 1970s, but today’s look is more polished and chic than the chunky wood and metal cuffs of those times. Keep to the same metal tone, but mix up the width, design and throw in a classic watch to keep it modern. Low-key sparkle adds extra texture, as does 

Ideal for adding a playful touch to an off-duty outfit or balancing a minimalist aesthetic with some attitude.

A visual masterclass by commerce and law graduate Jess Alizzi, whose passion for photography and fashion is channelled into her minimalist-cool blog, Jessica and Love. Follow Jess on Instagram here.

Credit: Jess Alizzi

Credit: Jess Alizzi

Credit: Jess Alizzi

Trend 2: Play it by Ear Long drop earrings are having a moment – again. Last season they literally dusted shoulders on top fashion runways in the form of giant coloured stones and tassels. Today’s hottest lobe-chains drop to chin-length and are subtle enough to wear both day and night. There are now plenty of styles that offer interchangeable decorative cuff backings, like these modelled by Helen Chik below. Wear the stud front to keep it simple, then switch to the long chain for extra punch.

Ideal for almost any time and occasion, both day and night. Long chain earrings are the new black.

A visual masterclass by fashion and travel expert Chik, whose edgy sweet-meets-tomboy look and vividly coloured photographic style are showcased on her self-titled website. Follow Helen on Instagram here. 

Credit: Helen Chik

Credit: Helen Chik

Credit: Helen Chik

Trend 3: Classic Twist Here’s a conundrum: how do you wear several fine chain necklaces in today’s on-trend way without them ending up a tangled nightmare by the end of the day (or first hour)? Buy one that’s pre-layered for you in one single, clever neckpiece (a la the one showcased in images below). Balance the picture with multiple simple rings and several bracelets to finish the look.

Ideal for ladies who like their jewellery understated with a cool-girl vibe.

A visual masterclass by free-spirited style and wellbeing advocate, Karissa Sparke, whose fashion and lifestyle blog Tom Girl and Threads centres around her own youthful and androgynous personal style. Follow Karissa on Instagram here.

Credit: Karissa Sparke

Credit: Karissa Sparke

Credit: Karissa Sparke

Trend 1: Fluid and Light There’s a saying in the professional styling world right now: mix hard with soft. In terms of jewellery, that means fluid-moving chains with hard cuff-like or solid bangle or ring structures. This paints a more relaxed picture than the layered hard pieces mentioned in Stacked with Style.

Ideal for instantly updating a simple look, like white tee and jeans, or adding a hint of elegance to a flowy boho dress or skirt.

A visual masterclass by stylist and fashion marketing expert, Josie Barber, whose carefully curated content on By Barber centres around her rough-luxe aesthetic. Follow Josie on Instagram here.

Credit: Josie Barber

Credit: Josie Barber

Credit: Josie Barber

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