After a long, long day – the task of removing a full face of contour, highlight, lashes and the like is a most daunting one, particularly when makeup removal products don’t work as they say they do. Pesky morsels of makeup remain; soot from eyeliners, pigment from lipsticks, patches from foundation, often the tool is not up to the task.

But, a new breed of makeup removers have been brewing on our own shores; home-grown tools that take away every last smudge and streak, leaving you with a clean, fresh and most importantly, makeup-free guise.

Here, three of the best makeup removers; born and bred in Australia.

Face Halo
If Chloe Morello is invested in something, you know its good. Affectionally dubbed a ShamWow For Your Face, this too-good-to-be-true sponge is a one-step solution to makeup removal. Just add water (cold or warm), and gently wipe across face; makeup literally dissolves off. But how? It all comes down to the clever HaloTech fibres (100 times finer than a strand of human hair), which kind of suck makeup up – and keep it there. For a serious smokey eye, rehydrate your little sponge well, and watch the makeup (removal) magic happen. Throw into the wash with likeminded whites, and ta-da – a fresh, plush halo ready to use another 199 times, or so. Heavenly.

Face Halo (pack of3), $30. shop now

Santé by ENJO Seamless Makeup Remover
From the cleansing experts, this fluffy disc will dissolve even the heaviest of makeup (think full-coverage foundation and Kardashian-like contour), buffing away any lingering lipstick or unrelenting kohl. Super soft, fine fibres work naturally to melt makeup away, maintaining the balance of the skin’s natural oils. Without a seam in sight, it targets those hard to reach places and is Australian made and owned. Sustainable skincare that is chemical-free, this nifty little sponge just needs water and voila! A clean, smooth and makeup-free face – without the fuss.

Santé by ENJO seamless Makeup Remover Set (7), $89. Shop now

The Cleansing Pad
The second product from Australian skin darlings, Kaye Scott and Lisa Sullivan-Smith of The Clinic, The Cleansing Pad cleans and nourishes in one gentle wipe. These pre-soaked pads are enriched with Micellar water (makeup’s well-documented kryptonite) and Chamomile Extract, a natural anti-inflammatory, and seriously slough away any makeup and impurities. Ideal for all skin types, these nifty pads fit in just about any bag (maybe not Jacquemus’ micro sac, but everything else) and are the perfect all-in-one, cleansing and removing in one. Lazy girls who love makeup, take note.
The Cleansing Pad by The Clinic, $55. Shop now