Jen Atkin is the world’s favourite hair stylist, a Slip ambassador, Ouai brand founder and YouTube personality, so when she hosts a slumber party, you know it’s going to be a very good time. The dinner-cum-pastel-party , hosted at iconic Bondi landmark Icebergs, was a candy-coloured dream, complete with silk robes for all and a marshmallow-soft four poster bed (for photo opportunities, obviously).

Atkin didn’t shy away from the opportunity to share with us a few pearls of wisdom she’s picked up on her journey as stylist to the stars and beauty boss. From getting a solid amount of beauty sleep to working quickly for Kendall Jenner, she’s a wealth of knowledge. Read on for the interview.

Credit: Instagram, jenatkin

So what’s your favourite slip product?

“Probably the eye mask, because I use it on every single flight. We just moved into a new house and it took forever to get our blinds, but I had my silk eye mask and it was fine. On the flight here Mike was like ‘babe did you bring my eye mask’ and I’m like ‘no its at home’. So we only had one and we fought over it.”

What’s your nighttime routine? Do you wash your hair?

“I wash my hair in the morning, because I’m always too tired at night. I have a white noise machine that I sleep with – there’s one speaker on my side of the bed, and one on Mike’s. I watch YouTube videos while I brush my teeth. My skin situation involves Dr. Dennis Gross pads, and I just started using the Kylie Skin moisturiser. It’s so good – I’m not even kidding. I wasn’t expecting it to be so hydrating. I swear putting it on my face feels like the fountain of youth. And then Ole Henriksen’s Banana Bright eye cream is really, really good.”

What tips do you have for people who go to bed with wet hair? Is it a bad thing to do?

“Yes! Because you could get sick! But also because your hair is so vulnerable when it’s wet. You’re allowed to do it with a silk pillowcase because there’s nowhere near as much friction as cotton, but I highly recommend blow-drying your hair if you’re washing it at night and using a Slip silk scrunchie to secure it in a loose topknot.

For those who want their hair straight, use the Dyson hair dryer with a firm smoothing brush. I literally clean myself up in three minutes in the bathroom with it – it’s changed my life. My hair is so much healthier now.”

You have so many celebrity clients. What’s the best beauty advice you have learnt from them?

“I would say Jennifer Lopez taught me the best way to place extensions to do a really sleek ponytail or bun. Kim [Kardashian] and Kylie [Jenner] have really helped to make versatile hair acceptable, and Khloe [Kardashian] – it’s been really fun to have short hair one day, have long hair the next with her. As for Kendall [Jenner], I’ve actually learnt how to work quickly, because she’s so not the type to want to be in glam for three hours.”

What’s happening with Ouai? Anything exciting coming out?

“Yes, Australia has the After Sun Body Soother launching for summer. We also have our Hair and Body Shine Mist coming, so you can shine like glass from your hair to your ass, ha ha!”

What inspired the Ouai North Bondi fragrance? Was it actually a trip to Sydney?

“Thousands of DM’s on Instagram! But the scent itself? In my head, we were talking about the ‘cool girls’ all over the world. The dream girl in Bondi that shops along Gould street is so effortless. I made it for her!”

The Ouai brand community is so incredible! How does it feel to have such an involved customer base?

“It’s insane. But it gives us the confidence to move into different categories because everything we do is always crowd sourced. The fragrance was a product of Instagram. Everyone wanted it, and when it came out, I was just overwhelmed with the amount of support.”

I feel like you use your social platform really well. How mindful is that?

“I kind of dance like nobody’s watching. Same with my YouTube. I just started the channel and I’m unapologetically me.”

Do you find people are really receptive to that?

“It’s interesting how people will say to me, ‘you’re so real and I can’t believe you’re so humble’. To me it’s bizarre! I’m not a celebrity – I’m in the service industry and I work forcelebrities. I am a person who is just figuring it out like everyone else. I think it’s kind of fun to show the full picture and overshare my life. There are ups and downs and I hope to be inspiring, but I also don’t want to be guilty of contributing to hustle porn and making everyone feel like you have to do the most and over-extend yourself. There’s a fine balance.”

What else can we expect from the YouTube channel?

“More embarrassing photos, more career tips, same cameos, some tutorials and more bleeped-out swear words.”

You’re throwing the slumber party of your dreams. Who’s coming, where is it and what are you doing?

“My ultimate slumber party would be at Chrissy Teigen’s house, everyone is wearing Slip silk robes, UGG slippers and we’re watching a really long documentary about a murder mystery. And then Summer Heights High. We’d be smoking weed too, because it’s L.A.!”


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