Lindsey Wixson has one of those faces. That ‘perfect’ for modelling face, it was her beautiful idiosyncrasies which first caught the keen eye of Steven Meisel at 15, and which were celebrated by the bastions of fashion (and some eager fangirls, of course) for years to come. Two of which made for a particularly striking guise; a rosebud pout – in bloom in Spring, of course – and that gap-toothed grin, Wixon’s beguiling facial topography is one which has captivated the world’s best designers and photographers for a good part of her 23 years.

But, even in the ephemeral world of modelling, where model shelf life is less than that of a cartoon of eggs, Wixson has bid adieu to a life of catwalk and castings at the tender age of 23, for “an artistic side that wants to shine through.”Abandoning a highly successful modelling career in pursuit of an artistic passion, namely pottery and design, wasn’t so much about a disillusionment with the industry, but a foot injury, which has compelled her to retire from “this high heel business.” With that, we reminisce upon her most salient beauty moments, from being the perfectly-proportioned face of Dior to travelling to the Milky Way with Karl and Co. and fronting campaigns for Chanel, Fendi and Versace – hers is a beauty we’ll forever admire.

So long rosebud pout, we’ll miss you.

OLD HOLLYWOOD WAVES + modern red lip
Screen Shot 20170714 at 101701 am
Credit: Instagram, @lindseywixson
PEACOCK EYES + pink pout
Screen Shot 20170714 at 101300 am
Credit: Instagram, @lindseywixson
sexy smoking eye + mullet curls
Screen Shot 20170714 at 101512 am
Credit: Instagram, @lindseywixson
french girl blush + glossy lips
Screen Shot 20170714 at 101721 am
Credit: Instagram, @lindseywixson
candy cheeks + apple green eyes
Screen Shot 20170714 at 101353 am
Credit: Instagram, @lindseywixson
modern perm + bronze eyes
Screen Shot 20170714 at 101607 am
Credit: Instagram, @lindseywixson
graphic eyes + cherry lips 
Screen Shot 20170714 at 100955 am
Credit: Instagram, @lindseywixson
slicked high pony + luminous skin
Screen Shot 20170714 at 101925 am
Credit: Instagram, @lindseywixson
shocking pink blush + neon red lip
Screen Shot 20170714 at 100939 am
Credit: Instagram, @lindseywixson
corkscrew curls + dolly lashes
Screen Shot 20170714 at 101623 am
Credit: Instagram, @lindseywixson
bronze smoky eye + crimson stained pout
Screen Shot 20170714 at 101806 am
Credit: Instagram, @lindseywixson
classic red lip + romantic up-do
Screen Shot 20170714 at 105304 am
Credit: Instagram, @lindseywixson