It’s an understatement to say Chiara Ferragni knows a thing of two about global travel. So au fait with the ways of elegant jet-setting is the Italian fashion blogger, designer and creative muse, rarely a week passes without her 6.5 million-strong Instagram following being served another shot of her posing beside designer luggage at some airport. As you do.

Given every single shot appears to have a different a) outfit b) style and c) handbag to match her Louis Vuitton luggage, we figured there was no better way to watch and learn the fine art of elegant travel than direct from the guru (and her social offerings). Here are 10 times Chiara showed us how it’s done in Insta. Watch and learn ladies and gents…

Lesson 1 Layered designer jewellery, deluxe luggage and polished make-up lift every outfit, in this case tracksuit pants and a sweat top from Ferragni’s own fashion line.

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August 2016: On her way from Los Angeles to “Madrid, Venezia, Milan, New York, Milan again and then Paris”. (Girlfriend travels light!)
Image credit: Instagram @chiaraferragni

Lesson 2 Beach holiday doesn’t have to mean you turn basic. Distressed denim and ankle chains are fine (in fact, anklets are a hot trend right now, so the latter’s more than fine) if teamed with a luxe bomber and finessed lashes. Havaianas have no place on an aeroplane. Ever.

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July 2016: From Puglia (Italy) to “Milan for the next five days and then Hamptons, Cuba and Tulum”
Image credit: Instagram @chiaraferragni

Lesson 3 Matching, new-looking luggage is totally overrated. 

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April 2016: From Narita Airport (Japan) to Rome
Image credit: Instagram @chiaraferragni

Lesson 4 Limit your whole look’s colour palette; this black, white and LV brown combo with a pop of red is pure genius. Plus, holidays are always better when your BFF’s along for the ride. 

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May 2016: From Los Angeles to Paris
Image credit: Instagram @chiaraferragni

Lesson 5 Kitsch is clever if it’s teamed with a splash of luxe. Ferragni’s famous for her love of rock band merch tees, but this naff tourist shirt only works because a) it’s ironic and b) teamed with pearls and a whole bunch of Louis Vuitton.

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August 2016: From Los Angeles to HawaiiImage credit: Instagram @chiaraferragni 

Lesson 6 Dresses will do nicely sometimes. Seriously, when’s the last time you considered anything other than pants for a long haul flight? A mini sundress in a non-crush fabric is just as comfortable and screams ‘I always turn left’. Just remember a wrap to cope with intense air con.

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July 2016: In Milan sporting new Marc Newsom for LV luggage
Image credit: Instagram @chiaraferragni

Lesson 7 A lady can never have too much luggage. Enough said.

A lady can never have too much luggage

February 2016: From Paris to “Milan for two days, Istanbul for four days and then back home to Los Angeles”
Image credit: Instagram @chiaraferragni

Lesson 8 Go bold. Make a statement – even if you know you’re going to turn heads – but never forget that comfort is still king.

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August 2016: From Tulum (Mexico) to Los Angeles
Image credit: Instagram @chiaraferragni

Lesson 9 A good hat and dash of lipstick fixes everything. Save space in your luggage and tame post-long haul static by taking your favourite felt head wear on as your carry-on.

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April 2016: From Berlin to Barcelona
Image credit: Instagram @chiaraferragni 

Lesson 10 When in doubt, dress like a Desperate Housewife. It can’t harm your chances of getting an upgrade, right?

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January 2016: From Milan to Madrid
Image credit: Instagram  @chiaraferragni