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Holland set the tone with his debut Autumn/Winter 2007 show, which famously poked fun at industry superstars of the time
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From the moment Henry Holland sent models down his 2007 runway in long tees screaming cheeky fashion slogans Kylie Jenner would kill for today (remember: My Fly’s Undone Lily Donaldson and Let’s Get Bare Nicolas Ghesquière), we’ve known he has a wicked sense of humour.

As it happens, he’s a brilliantly charismatic designer too, proven repeatedly via his mainline House of Holland brand, and the latest collaboration with Brit department store Debenhams in affordable range H! by Henry Holland

In the first of our regular
Nine years later, and his outfits aren’t any less eye-catching. Holland after his House of Holland Spring/Summer 2016 show

1. What are your favourite things about living in London? The diversity, the energy and the people.

2. What’s the difference between British and Australian style? There is a lot more colour and print in the UK.

3. What is inspiring you at the moment? South American street culture – cryptic.

4. Do you think fashion is moving too fast? Yes and no. It is difficult to keep up with as a designer working in the industry, but as a consumer I am the same as everyone else and want more, quicker

5. Who do you love to see wearing your clothes? Anyone who has paid for them.

6. If you weren’t designing, what would you do? I’d be a journalist writing questions like this instead of answering them.

7. Describe your Debenhams collection in three words. Youthful, colourful, playful

8. What is the best thing about visiting Australia? The people and their sense of humour.

9. Most important question last: tea or coffee? Coffee!

Scroll down for 3 looks from the H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams range…

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Cover image: House of Holland Autumn/Winter 2007 (Getty Images)
H! By Henry Holland Images: Courtesy Debenhams